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Izzy Lenga is a British Zionist activist of the Labour Party who ran for Labour’s new National Women’s Committee and works for the left-leaning Zionist lobby group named “Jewish Labor Movement”.

She was formerly a member of the Federation of Zionist Youths1 and joined the Jewish Union of Students2 which is another pro-Israel lobby group funded by the Israeli Embassy in London.3

Izzy lenga (Center) with prominent members of the Union of Jewish Students Ella Rose (Right) and Zohar Isakov (Left) who were awarded by United Jewish Israel (pro-Israel lobby group) Appeal in 2017

It is worth noting that Izzy is Paul Lenga’s niece4, a prominent Zionist activist in the UK buried in Israel. Paul was the leader of the Federation of Zionist Youth and a member of the Zionist Federation of Great Britain, the Jewish Agency and the World Zionist Organization.

Labour Party Activities

Lenga is part of a clique of Zionist Labour “members and activists” who have coordinated smear campaigns against party members who do not support the Israeli apartheid state. She appeared in a BBC document titled “Panorama” in which the Labour Party was accused of anti-Semitism. She claimed that she received anti-Semitic slurs within the party since joining “everyday”.

Izzy Lenga with former Jewish Labor Movement director Ella Rose

Lenga is a friend of Ella Rose, another Zionist activist who worked on behalf of Shai Masot, an Israeli agent conducting influence operations targeting the Labour Party.5

IDF Indoctrination

Prior to her activism in the UK, Lenga participated in the “Marva” IDF military course in Israel. This military course is open to any young Jewish individual and consists of shooting practice and Zionist propaganda indoctrination.6

Izzy Lenga during an Israeli military course

Social Media

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