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Janet Rudman is a Uruguayan pro-Israel journalist who is known to work for Jewish Zionist cultural initiatives in the country, among them Kesher and TuMeser. Rudman currently works for a Zionist Uruguayan news site called Semanario Hebreo Jai which spreads propaganda in favor for Israel.1 The news outlet was originally founded by a Polish Jew who migrated to Uruguay.2

Rudman pushes the common Hasbara trope that the media is biased in “delegitimizing” Israel.3 She has signed a petition in which Roger Waters, main vocalist for the Pink Floyd rock band, was labeled as an anti-Semite because of his pro-Palestine positions.4

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Janet Rudman expresses admiration for the Honduran president who moved the embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, a move violating international law

Janet Rudman defends Israeli “Ultra-Nationalists”, claiming that the very label itself – usually used by the media – is a slander against Israeli “patriots and Nationalists”. During protests over the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in May 2021, such groups would commonly chant “Death to Arabs” and call for the expulsion of Palestinians from their ancestral homeland.

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