Jason Greenblatt

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Nemesis Jason Greenblatt

Jason Greenblatt was born in 1967 in New York. He was raised in a Hungarian Jewish family. His parents fled from Europe to the US. He’s known to be an Orthodox Jew and practices traditional Jewish rites. It is worth noting that Greenblatt graduated from Yeshivat Har Etzion, a rabbinical seminary in Alon Shvut, an illegal Israeli settlement in Gush Etzion, Occupied Palestinian Territory.

The Trump Connection

Greenblatt has a long history working for former US President Donald Trump, with cooperation dating as early as 1997, focused mainly on affairs related to Israel. Greenblatt has continued to operate as a close aid in Israeli politics during the Trump administration, functioning as Special Representative for International Negotiations. Greenblatt, alongside Jared Kushner – Trump’s son-in-law and senior advisor -were the architects of the Abraham Accords. It is worth noting that the Abraham Accords seeks to normalize relations with despotic Arab regimes in an attempt to brush aside Israel’s international isolation and drain out pro-Palestine solidarity among Arabs.

Greenblatt (R) and Kushner (C) meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Bi-partisan Zionist Connections

Beyond Trump, Greenblatt enjoys close ties to Zionist organizations and personalities in the US. In 2018, Greenblatt attended an event seeking to drum up support for the Abraham Accords before it was officially announced. The event was hosted by Democratic donor Haim Saban and Republican donor Paul Singer.

Greenblatt (2nd right) standing next to Kushner (1st right), Saban (1st left) and then-US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley.

Influential Zionist Mouthpiece

Greenblatt commonly writes for Western, Israeli and Arab outlets, usually whitewashing Israeli crimes as the result of Palestinian “failure” to cooperate with the Zionist regime. Greenblatt has also been a vocal proponent of Arab abandonment of the Palestinian cause and has lobbied Washington towards enacting tougher policies against the Palestinian Authority.

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