Jay Schottenstein

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Jay Schottenstein is an American entrepreneur running a fashion empire in the US. He is CEO of the Schottenstein Stores Corporation, American Eagle Outfitters (clothing), Designer Brands and American Signature (furniture).
Despite his “American” branding, Schottenstein is a fervent Jewish Zionist. According to Haaretz, he has numerous business, financial and political ties to Israel.

JNF Patron

Schottenstein is a major donor to the Jewish National Fund (JNF), which currently funds the continued expansion of illegal Jewish settlements across occupied Palestine. Established in 1901, the JNF paved the path for Israel’s genocidal existence by purchasing Arab land before the Belfour declaration. Albeit legal at the time, the purchases set up operational bridgeheads for illegal Zionist expansion and settlement.

Netanyahu Connection

Netanyahu is known to have relations with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. According to Haaretz, the Schottenstein family donated $157,000 to the primary campaign of Benjamin Netanyahu in 2015.1
The American Jewish entrepreneur is also listed in Netanyahu’s leaked 2007 potential campaign funders list, dubbed Netanyahu’s “list of millionaires”. Schottenstein’s name is listed next to the names of some 70 other Jewish Zionist millionaires, most of which reside outside Israel – as part of Israel’s international web of lobbyists and power brokers.2

Business Ties in Israel

Schottenstein regularly visits Israel to celebrate Jewish holidays. He is a follower of Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto, who was convicted of bribery in Israel. Schottenstein has bought a $11 million house for Rabbi Pinto in Ashdod, Israel.
Aside from murky ties with Rabbi Pinto, the Jewish-American businessman funds research grants at Israeli universities and educational institutions. Schottenstein funds the construction of the National Campus for the Archaeology of Israel.
Schottenstein is also a close business partner to the Wiesel family, owners of Israel’s Fox clothing chain. In 2013, Fox obtained a license to operate American Eagle stores in Israel.

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