Zionist Supremacism

“Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination”

This is part of United Nations General Assembly Resolution 3379 which was adopted on November 10, 1975, stating what is obvious; Zionism is a discriminatory ideology occupying and denying Palestinians their historic homeland due to the flawed racial superiority complex of “Zionism”. Some 16 years later, Resolution 3379 was revoked on the initiative of the United States and largely due to powerful Zionist lobbies which operate in the country.

Such lobbies – enjoying ever expanding reach in world governance – effectively violate and corrupt the rights and political and socio-economic structures of the nations within they operate and consequentially extend Zionist discrimination, elitism and racialist supremacy far beyond Palestine. Much resources have been spent by the aforementioned lobbies to stifle any acknowledgment of this vast international Zionist influence network, quickly labeling any such critique as stemming from “anti-semitism”.

We at Project Nemesis seek to demonstrate – by providing names and addresses and unveiling records – that such lobbies exists and operate for Zionist interests far beyond issues directly related to the Israel/Palestine conflict, undermining and gaming the socio-economic and political structures of the nations which host them in the process.