Jillian Segal

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Jillian Segal


Jillian Segal is the president of the executive council of Australian Jewry. She studied law in Harvard university and holds executive and non-executive positions in certain Australian financial corporations.

Strategic Oversight over Research, Governance & Trade Orgs

As an ardent promoter of Zionism, Jilian Segal questionably holds vast influence over various private and governmental research & trade organisations. Among her positions, include:

  • Chairman of the Israel-Australia chamber commerce
  • Interestingly, Jillian simultaneously heads both the Australian “Garvan” medical research institute and the Israeli Weizman Institute of Science.
  • Board member of the Australian Grattan Institute and the multinational Dutch Rabobank bank
  • Chairman of the John Monash scholarship (a prestigious postgraduate scholarship for Australian scholars who wish to study overseas.) which has a looming influence in deciding over which Australian scholars can be nominated to study overseas
  • Past deputy chair of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission1

In short, it appears that Segal has an active role in overseeing and controlling fields which affect Israeli science & trade interests in Australia.

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Jillian Segal Nemesis
Jillian Segal with former Israeli President Reuben Rivlin in the Australian-Israel chamber of commerce, in Sydney, 2020.
Jillian Segal Nemesis
Jillian Segal with Australian scholars awarded with the prestigious John Monash scholarship in 2020, intended for scholars with “leadership potential”.
Jillian Segal Nemesis
Jillian Segal awarding the Australian prime minister Scott Morrison with a Menorah during a virtual ceremony.


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