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Jews Indigenous to the Middle East and North Africa


Jews Indigenous to the Middle East and North Africa is a non-profit organization seeking to advance Zionist propaganda in the name of Mizrahi and Sephardi religious teachings and seeks to advocate for Jewish settlers in occupied Palestinian lands coming from MENA backgrounds as “refugees fleeing Arab persecution”.

JIMENA stated aim is “universal recognition for the heritage and history of the 850,000 indigenous Jewish refugees from the Middle East and North Africa”.

JIMENA played a key role in the unanimous passage of House Resolution 185 by the U.S. Foreign Affairs Committee on February 27, 2008.1 This resolution urges the President to ensure that when refugees from the Middle East are discussed in international forums, any reference to Palestinian refugees be matched by an explicit reference to Jewish populations. 2

JIMENA has criticized the Jewish Voice for Peace’s anti-Zionism and invocation of Mizrahi and Sephardi history to criticize the State of Israel. 3

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