John Hagee

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John Hagee is an American Zionist pastor who promotes Zionism among American evangelical Christians. He is known as an ardent Zionist agitator promoting the so-called “Judeo-Christian” theme in favor of Zionist beliefs. He frequently uses a biblical stance in order to justify support for the Zionist regime.

CUFI: Intimidating Politicians for Israel

Hagee is the founder and chairman of Christians United for Israel also known as CUFI. CUFI is a Christian-Zionist organization focused on promoting Zionism among Christians. CUFI promotes admiration of the Zionist ethnostate as a blind religious duty for Christian Americans. Hagee claims that “If you are a congressman that gets sideways on an issue with Israel, we instantly call everyone in your district to give them the full information and flood your office with 25-30,000 emails within a 24-hour period.”1

In 1981, following Israel’s air strike on Iraq’s nuclear reactor called Osirak, Hagee held an event celebrating the attack called “A night to honor Israel”. The event was an answer to international criticism against the event.2

Hagee has funded some Israeli organizations such as Im Tirtzu3 and the Hadassah medical center.4 Im Tirtzu is a Zionist educational organization in Israel.

Anti-Catholicism & Anti-Islam Hysteria

Hagee criticizes Catholicism and Islam as being “antisemitic” creeds. In his book titled “Final Dawn over Jerusalem”, Hagee claimed that Adolf Hitler was a Catholic leader.5 He believes that “true” Christianity will always support the so-called “Jewish State”.


John Hagee alongside Israeli female politician Tzipi Hotovely (Center) for Jewish-Christian Understanding, 2018
John Hagee with former Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu

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