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Jonathan Goldstein is a British Jewish businessman known as the CEO of the Cain International multinational investment firm. He has worked for Gerald Ronson, a British pro-Israel Jewish tycoon as the deputy CEO of Heron International1 and CEO of Ronson Capital Partners. In 2017, he became chairman of Israeli lobby in UK Jewish Leadership Council (JLC). Prior to chairing the JLC, Goldstein was chairman of PaJes (Partnership for Jewish Schools), the educational branch of the JLC.2

Anti-Corbyn Drive

Goldstein was yet another UK-based pro-Israel lobbyist who constantly accused Jeremy Corbyn of “anti-Semitism”. He alleged Corbyn harbored anti-Semitism due to attending a ceremony paying homage to Palestinian PLO members killed by Israelis in a 1985 bombing in Tunisia.3

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Jonathan Goldstein with former Israeli president Reuven Rivlin in 2017

Goldstein addresses an #EnoughisEnough demonstration in Parliament Square organized by UK Jewish leaders to protest “anti-Semitism” in the Labour party, March 2018

Jonathan Goldstein (2nd from the upper right) with pro-Israel tycoon Gerald Ronson (first upper left)




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