Jonathan Greenblatt

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Nemesis Jonathan Greenblatt

Jonathan Greenblatt was born November 1970 in Connecticut from a conservative Jewish family. He used to work in the White House as Director of the White House Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation during the Obama administration. Currently, Greenblatt serves as the CEO of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

The “Leftist Zionist” Cracking Down on Leftist Pro-Palestine Sentiment

When Greenblatt was appointed as CEO of the ADL, many criticized him for shifting the organization left of the political spectrum. His harsh critique against Trump was also controversial among the Jewish community.
Interestingly, Greenblatt has taken a serious stance against leftist pro-Palestine groups such as Students for Justice in Palestine, Jewish Voice for Peace, and the Council on American-Islamic Relations. He continuously accuses them of denigrating and dehumanizing Jews. He is a major proponent of the false “anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism” proposition, seeking to effectively disenfranchise pro-Palestinian sentiment across various companies and colleges.
In April 2022, Greenblatt pushed the GEICO Insurance Company to disinvite Palestinian activist Linda Sarsour from an internal event celebrating Middle Eastern and North African heritage month.

In another notable instance in 2021, Greenblatt fervently lobbied to condemn and reverse Ben & Jerry’s decision to stop business in occupied Palestine. Unilever, Ben & Jerry’s parent company, ultimately undermined Ben & Jerry’s boycott by transferring Ben & Jerry’s selling rights to a local company in Israel.

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