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Nemesis Jordan Schachtel


Jordan Shachtel is an American right-leaning journalist who has pushed for various Zionist causes, most notably working with the infamous pro-Israel The Israel Project lobby group.

The Israel Project

As part of a secretive cooperation with The Israel Project, Schachtel employed 13 people to publish content on random topics in apparently non-political social media pages, occasionally promoting pro-Israel propaganda, in order to hide their affiliation with Israeli lobbies.1

A screenshot showing a post belonging to one of Schachtel’s propaganda pages in Facebook related to the secret The Israel Project initiative. This specific page focuses on cookies and sweets but occasionally promotes Israeli propaganda.

Zionist Mouthpiece Journalist

Schachtel has written pro-Zionist articles for various American Zionist-right publications, such as the pro-Israel Endowment for the Middle East Truth institute and the Breitbart News website.
His articles frequently boast about Israel’s “superiority” over Arab nations and reject the two-state solution as a way for “disarming Israel” in the face of its enemies. He asks the international community to ignore the fate of Palestinians and focus on the “threat of Iran” as a nuclear power and to donate their resources for the security of the illegitimate Zionist occupation.2

Israeli Intelligence Links

Schachtel also has experience working with the private Wikistrat Israeli intelligence consultancy firm, which is a known hub of former Israeli and American intelligence operatives.

Social Media

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Schachtel claims Israel can make Palestinians prosperous if they abandon their rights and national identity.
Jordan Schachtel (2nd to the left) posing alongside the American pro-Israel right-wing figure Steve Bannon (3rd to the right)
Jordan Schachtel with Mike Pompeo (right), the former US Secretary of State



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