Jordana Cutler

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Jordana Cutler


Jordana Cutler has been working as part of Facebook since 2016. She currently works as the social media giant’s “Head of Policy for Israel and the Jewish diaspora”.

Cutler is a native of Washington, D.C., but due to her strong Zionist beliefs, made “Aliyah” (an expression used by Zionists gratifying immigration to occupied Palestinian land) to Israel in 2007.1

She spent most of her higher education years in Israel, with a focus on Hebrew Studies and Political Communication.

Deep Israeli Gov’t Ties

Cutler’s main background and experience in Israel and Jewish diaspora affairs (her current area of policy management in Facebook) stems mainly from her years being an advisor to the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in 2009 until 2013. During these years, she was officially Netanyahu’s “Deputy Advisor on [Jewish] Diaspora Affairs”.

Before joining Facebook, she served as Chief of Staff of the Israeli diplomatic mission to Washington for three years. Cutler also worked in the Strategy Department of the Likud Party’s 2009 election campaign.

It is interesting, however, that Cutler also worked as the Senior Officer for Public Affairs at the Embassy of Israel in Washington in 2005 until 2007, before even immigrating to Israel.

Cutler’s career in Facebook

Cutler’s sensitive role in Facebook – given her close association with the Israeli government – has raised much concern over the social media giant’s neutrality in issues related to Israeli genocide & occupation.

Speaking on the matter, Jewish Voice for Peace organizer, Dani Noble told the Middle East Eye: “It is unacceptable that Facebook would have any policy directors on staff who publicly state that, while working for Facebook, they are also advocating on behalf of a specific government – as Ms. Cutler has done”.

“It seems pretty clear that, as long as an advocate for the Israeli government is a key decision-maker at Facebook, any attempts to hold the Israeli government accountable for violating human rights will be censored and banned,” she added.2


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