Joseph Cohen

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Joseph Cohen is a British Zionist agitator who is the founder of the “Israel Advocacy Movement”. He also co-founded the “Campaign Against Antisemitism”.1

He considers his support for Israel as a “mitzvah”, or a religious duty.

Street Agitator

Armed and trigger-happy with a very broad definition of “anti-semitism”, Cohen tries to combat anti-Israel narratives in social media and also at the “street level”, focusing on London. Cohen, just like other Zionist agitators, commonly uses the antisemitism card when it comes to justifying Israel’s atrocities in the face of its critics.

He claims that he imitates pro-Palestine Muslim activists and “studies their methods” in order to counter them.2 He is described by the Times of Israel as a lone pro-Israel actor. He has adopted a leftist pro-Israel attitude in which he tries to convince pro-Palestinian Muslims in the UK that Israel is not their enemy. He provocatively drapes himself in a Israeli flag while attending anti-Israel protests.

‘Israel doesn’t have friends in Europe’

Cohen has claimed that Israel “doesn’t have many friends in the Europe”. Israel certainly has many friends, or better said, servants in European governments, but it appears that he is correct in his observation if he means that a growing number of European citizens don’t sympathize with Israel and Zionism.


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