Joshua Rowe

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Nemesis Joshua Rowe


Joshua Rowe is a British Jewish billionaire and chairman of governors at Manchester’s King David school. He is regarded as one of the prominent fundraisers for Israeli causes in the UK and a major figure in the education system of the British Jewish community.1

Hasbara Funder

Rowe’s funding is aimed to promote Zionist ideals in Jewish schools in Britain and also provides resources for Hasbara training, a special curriculum for pushing pro-Israel talking points over the internet, justifying Israel’s crimes among the British people.2

Close ties to Netanyahu

In 2006, Rowe invited Benjamin Netanyahu allegedly on behalf of the British Jewish community and paid for his trip to the UK in order to repair Israel’s public image during the 2006 brutal Israeli aggression against Lebanon.3 He reportedly paid $38,000 for Netanyahu hotel’s bill.4

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Joshua Rowe with the former British ambassador to Israel, Matthew Gould
Joshua Rowe (center) pictured at his King David school, a place for indoctrinating young Jewish students into Zionism

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