Julia Jassey

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Julia Jassey is an American Zionist agitator fighting so-called “antisemitism” on campus universities. She is a student at the University of Chicago.

Campus Intimidation

Jassey is active in online campaigns spreading Zionist propaganda in social media. In 2020 – alongside a number of other Zionist students – Jassey founded the “Jewish on Campus” page on Instagram, reporting alleged antisemitism and anti-Israel activism in American universities. Her Jewish on Campus page frequently records criticism of Israel.

Zionist Hasbara Clique

Jassey is a member of a young Zionist circle spreading Zionist propaganda across different social media platforms. If any anti-Israel narrative breaks through Zionist platform censorship and NGO-funded intimidation, it is usually up to individuals such as Jassey to direct other pro-Israel Hasbara accounts against it. Jassey works closely with other Zionist agitators such as Ben Freeman, Isaac de Castro, Eve Barlow and Blake Flayton.

Social Media


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