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Juliet Moses


Juliet Moses is an advocacy agent pushing for Israeli interests in New Zealand. She is the spokesperson for the New Zealand Jewish Council and is a partner of TGT Legal, a NZ law firm.

Moses’ activities display a pattern of alleged “sympathy” for Muslims around the world and in New Zealand – specifically after the 2019 Christchurch terrorist attack. Moses, however, ironically downplays Muslim suffering under Zionist supremacist occupation in occupied Palestine, the West Bank and Gaza.

When the New Zealand government voted in favor of a UN resolution banning further expansion of Israeli settlements into the West Bank, Moses slammed the decision, writing that she “felt betrayed by the New Zealand government”.

Suppressing pro-Palestinian causes

As the spokesperson of the New Zealand Jewish Council, Moses has a history of harassing activists critical of Israel in New Zealand, even at times personally threatening to call for boycotts of businesses related to pro-Palestine activists.

In 2017, when the New Zealander singer Lorde cancelled her concert in Tel Aviv in an act of protest against Israeli crimes against humanity, Moses dismissed the singer, claiming that Lorde had fallen victim to a minority group opposing Israel.

Juliet Moses Nemesis
Justine, one of the activists who played a role in persuading New Zealander singer Lorde to boycott Israel, is part of Dayenu, a group of young New Zealand Jews against the occupation of Palestine. Members of Dayenu were threatened by Moses.

Moses has also applauded Trump’s one-sided attitude towards Palestinians in recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.1

She has also called the leader of the NZ Green party Golriz Ghahreman an “anti-Semite” after Ghahreman suggested Mary and Joseph, mother and father of Jesus according to the New Testament, were Palestinian refugees.2

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Juliet Moses Nemesis
Israeli propagandist Hananya Naftali shares photos of pro-Israeli demonstrations in New Zealand during Israel’s May 2020 onslaught against Gaza. Pictures of the NZ pro-Israel rallies were provided by Juliet Moses.
Juliet Moses Nemesis
Picture shows Juliet Moses (L) and pro-Israel Australian journalist and media regulation activist Mark Jennings during a “Journalist study group” trip to Israel in 2016.


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