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Justine Zwerling is married and has two children. She has been working at the senior economic level in Europe, the Middle East, India, China, and Africa for about 20 years. Justine received her bachelor’s degree in English literature and history from Bath Spa University and her master’s degree in Middle Eastern history in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Zwerling joined the UAE-Israel Business Council in 2020 and has been a founding member of the council. In addition, she is a founding member of the Gulf-Israel Women’s Forum. Zwerling can be consequently regarded as an economic figurehead in the Israeli regime’s push to counter its growing international isolation by normalizing relations with despotic Arab regimes.

The UIBC is the central and largest economic organization formed in the field of economical connections between the UAE and Israel. The council began operations immediately after the “Abraham Accords” between the two countries in August 2020.

UK-Israel Trade Broker

Zwerling’s past activities include being the Deputy Director of Commerce and Investment at the British Embassy in Israel. The deputy was tasked with establishing economic ties between Israeli and British companies. For example, in a tender held by the Zionist regime, she was able to win the bid in favor of a British company, with eventually 7,000 people being employed in Jerusalem as a result of the project.

Zwerling is also the founder of the Jewish Women’s Business Network, part of LSEG’s “Women’s Inspired Networks”. Since 2016, she has also been appointed Head of Israel Primary Markets, listed under the LSEG.

She is listed as the nineteenth most influential woman in Yahoo Finance’s Future Women Role Model list.

She has also been nominated as 12th on The Jewish Agency for Israel’s Aliyah 100 list for her work at LSEG and the UK-Israel Bilateral Trade Nexus, which focuses on bilateral trade relations between Israel and the United Kingdom.

The Aliyah 100 list names 100 British individuals who have pushed for the interests of Zionist supremacy

Zwerling is also part of various Israeli companies, the most important of which are:

• Board Member of Vibe (an Israel advocacy group)

• Borad Member of Israel Bonds

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