The Kushner Family

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Charles Kushner was born in 1954 in New Jersey. He was disbarred in three states for a series of crimes such as tax evasion and witness tampering. Kushner was imprisoned for two years because of these crimes. Charles Kushner founded Kushner Companies in 1985. Charles Kushner was known for funding the Democratic party before switching to supporting Trump in 2016. Interestingly, he was pardoned from his prison sentence by US President Donald Trump in 2020.

Charles’s son, Jared, was born in 1981 and very soon become a serious figure in the real estate business, building upon his father’s legacy and becoming the manager of the Kushner Companies. In recent years, he was known for being the senior advisor to his father-in-law, Donald Trump.

The Kushners and Israel

The Kushner family have had a really deep and friendly relation with Israeli officials. During Jared’s Childhood, Benjamin Netanyahu visited their home and stayed there for a night. Over the years, the Kushner Family has provided several generous donations to the Israeli government and other Zionist causes. The Kushner family donated $58,500 to West Bank settlements from 2011-2013, according to IRS filings.

The Kushner family have also expanded their company in the occupied territories. Kushner Companies has considered raising a $500 million fund from private investors in Israel, among other options for raising capital there. They also have close relations with native Israeli firms like Bank Leumi and Bank Hapoalim, Menora Mivtachim Insurance, Harel Group, and Psagot Investment House.

After the 2016 elections and Trump’s presidency, Jared became a senior adviser to him. During his time in office, Jared played a critical role in shaping Trump’s pro-Israel Middle East policies. Kushner also lobbied for the Trump administration to push for “normalization talks”, leading to several Arab regimes recognizing Israeli occupation.

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