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Leah Soibel is an Argentinian Jewish journalist based in the US. She is the founder of Fuente Latina, a Zionist organization propagating Israeli soft diplomacy interests among world-wide Hispanic audiences.

Soibel also works for other pro-Zion Spanish-language news outlets such as Infobae, Univision and El Nuevo Herald. She is considered an expert on Middle East affairs, specifically on Israel and Iran.1

Leah Soibel (2nd right) posing alongside IDF spokesperson for Latin America, Roni Kaplan (1st left), in 2014

Fuente Latina

Fuente Latina engages in networking activities among pro-Israel Hispanic influencers. Under Soibel’s direction, 50 Hispanic journalists and influencers are taken for indoctrination trips to Israel on an annual basis.2 According to media reports, Fuente Latina was in fact Israel’s response to the foundation of Iranian Spanish-language news channel HispanTV in 2012.3

Leah Soibel posing alongside Hispanic propaganda agents during a Feunta Latina trip in Occupied Palestine

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