Leslie Wexner

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Leslie Wexner


Leslie Herbert Wexner is an American billionaire who founded the major American fashion retailer, Limited Brands (L Brands). Among some of his major clothing brands include Victoria’s Secret and Abercrombie & Fitch.

Lobbying Activities:

In 1991, Wexner created a focus group with American billionaire, Charles Bronfman, which is known as the “Mega Group”. The group includes some of the wealthiest Zionist Jews across the US. This group has sponsored many pro-Israel causes, such as the Partnership for Excellence in Jewish Education, Birthright Israel, and National Hillel.

Israeli Officials Advancement Program

Wexner has also created the Wexner Foundation, with the goal of “strengthening Jewish Leadership in North America and Israel.” One of the foundation’s projects is the Wexner Israel Fellowship Program, which annually selects ten Israeli authorities for a yearlong MPA program in Harvard. More than 135 Israeli authorities have taken part hitherto. Numerous graduated classes of the Israel Fellowship program as of now hold high offices in most Israeli government services and in the different parts of the IDF.1

The Wexner Foundation website contains an image of Israeli participants in Wexner’s “Senior Leaders” program, with one person’s identification label and face being blacked out, signifying the person’s probable membership in Israeli security or intelligence apparatus.

Ties with Epstein

The relation between Wexner and Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted child offender with suspicious Israel intelligence ties, runs pretty deep.2 Wexner and Epstein met in the 1980s, with Epstein eventually becoming Wexner’s financial advisor, attorney and right-hand man. In 2003, Wexner called Epstein an “excellent judgment and with unusually high standards.” Epstein was also involved with Wexner’s so-called philanthropic activities. In the 1990s, Epstein became a board member of the Wexner Foundation.3

One of the serious questions surrounding Wexner is the reason for his high level of trust and cooperation with Epstein, placing him as his attorney while Epstein lacked even a college degree.

Jeffrey Epstein was a registered sex offender and in 2019 was charged with sex trafficking. He was found dead in his cell, with officials calling it a suicide.


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