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Lorena Khateeb is an Israeli Druze who lives in Israel. She is the co-founder of the Sharaka institute which played an influential rule in “normalizing” ties between Arab countries and Israel. She also works for the Israeli Foreign Ministry as part of its digital diplomacy programs.

Khateeb takes apart in “Together – Vouch for Each Other” project. This institute was founded with the goal of persuading Palestinians living under Zionist occupation to recognize Israeli authority by promoting a false “inclusive” and “multicultural” image of Israel.

Logo of “Together – Vouch for Each Other”
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One of Khateeb’s many promotional video messages calling for “normalization” before the Arabi/Israeli agreement was announced
Examples of Khateeb’s activities promoting the recognition of the Zionist regime among Arab audiences.
Khateeb has been interviewed by a number of Arab pro-Israel news outlets
Khatib also cooperates with Reservists on Duty, a pro-IDF organization with the stated goal of countering the pro-Palestine Boycott, Divest and Sanctions campaign
Khateeb in Morocco
Lorena Khateeb alongside other shadowy pro-normalization activists, including Samadder al-Maani and Sapir Levi

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