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Luke Akehurst is a British Zionist activist who is director of “We Believe in Israel”, a pro-Israel lobby and branch of BICOM, another pro-Israel lobby founded by Poju Zabludowicz. We Believe in Israel originated from a 2011 BICOM conference attended by 1500 people.1 Akehurst happens to be a non-Jew who formerly worked for the BBC and the Labour Party.2 His main focus is countering the pro-Palestine Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement in the UK. He clearly believes anti-Israel activity to be an obvious act of “anti-Semitism”.3

He had previously stated that it was ”almost my dream job to run a pro-Israel campaigning organization.”4 Akehurst defends Israel’s inhumane blockade against Gaza stating that it is necessary to stop weapon supplies to it.5

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Luke Akehurst training Zionist activists how to repel the “enemy” pro-Palestine activists at a 2016 Zionist Federation conference. The presentation behind him reads: “Who is behind the boycotting and delegitimization of Israel, and how can we combat them?”

Luke Akehurst standing behind Israeli ambassador to the US and UN (leading a lot of Israeli ministries throughout his career) Gilad Erdan (Center) in a 2018 anti-BDS meeting

Luke Akehurst supports the continuation of Israeli illegal settlements in Occupied Palestine

Luke Akehurst with warmonger former British PM Tony Blaire in 1994






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