Majd Harb

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Majd Harb, is a Lebanese lawyer and political activist in Beirut. He is the son of Boutros Harb, former Lebanese MP and minister.

Harb cooperates with the shadowy “Center for Peace Communications” (CPC), which plays as part of the Zionist lobby to normalize relations between Middle East countries and Israel. The “Alliance for Lebanon” is a CPC initiative that seeks to create consensus among the Lebanese elite, including journalists, lawyers and politicians, to normalize Israel’s relations with this country.

Lobbying against Lebanon’s ‘Anti-Normalization Laws’

Harb has sought to undermine Lebanon’s “Anti-Normalization Laws”. Under such laws, any contact between Lebanese individuals and Israel is banned. Unlike other Arab countries who lack such legislation, such decrees have greatly stifled Israeli influence operations in the country, once occupied by the Zionist regime itself.

Ignoring Lebanon’s national security concerns regarding Tel Aviv, Majd has claimed that such laws are “against human rights”. He has sought to delegitimize such laws by questioning their implementation, claiming that every person living in Lebanon who has a Facebook account is in danger of a judicial trial.1

On June 22nd, 2021, The AIPAC-funded Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) held a virtual policy forum moderated by Joseph Braude and hosting Harb alongside Nadim Koteich, and Hanin Ghaddar, regarding Lebanon’s “Anti-Normalization Laws”. At the meeting, Majd considered anti-normalization laws an obstacle to Lebanon’s presence in the “globalized era”.2

Possible Inroads into Lebanese Politics

Samy Gemayel, head of the Lebanese Kataeb Party – accused of secretive relations with Israel and harboring vast political and economic corruption- has voiced support for Harb’s possible candidacy in Lebanese parliamentary elections.3


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