Maria Maalouf

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Maria Maalouf, a Lebanese-born journalist, is a very active proponent of Arab recognition of the Israeli regime and the abandonment of the Palestinian cause. She has written extensively for Saudi news agencies such as “skynewsarabia” and “arabnews” in matters related to the middle east, usually portraying the Zionist regime in positive light. Failing to comply with Lebanese laws sanctioning contact with Israel, Maalouf was condemned in a Lebanese court in absentia. Despite being effectively barred from Lebanon, Zionist lobbies have sought to promote Maalouf as one of the few public Lebanese willing to openly support Israel.
Maalouf shortly resided in the US after obtaining an American passport. She later became a resident of the UAE.

Backed by Washington-based Spooks

Maria is the founder of an America-based non-profit organization named “The Capitol Institute” promoting Arab recognition of Israel. There are very few details about this organization. Given Maalouf’s freelancing background, the creation of such an organization is not possible without financial aid. Despite the vagueness of Maalouf’s source of funds for the institute, her connections with influential Zionist lobbyists suggests a possible source for her revenue.

As Lebanon’s currency fell, Maalouf taunted her Lebanese compatriots with images portraying herself stashed with dollar bills in the US. Other pro-Israel Arab influencers have been seen portraying similar messaging, conveying that pro-Israel politics is associated with wealth.

Maria is in contact with Washington-based spooks such as “Ezra Friedlander” and has invited him for various interviews on the “Capitol Institute”. Friedlander, affiliated with the American Jewish Committee, is known for extensive lobbying with high-level contacts in Washington; at times spearheading US-led initiatives to promote Arab recognition of Israel in the Middle east.
Being handled by Zionist and Washington-based spooks such as Friedlander, Maria has been an active participant in Zionist gatherings in Washington, once even showing up at a Senate gathering, donning Jewish attire.

Maria’s presence at the meeting of American Jews in the Senate in Washington, DC (May 11, 2023).

In addition to “The Capitol Institute”, Maalouf manages another shadowy US-based company named ProlificSolutions.

The presence of Maria Maalouf in a ceremony held by American Christians in support of Israel in Washington (Jul 17, 2023)

Cooperating with Zionist Mouthpieces

Maalouf has openly cooperated with Israeli media on various occasions. From being featured on Israel’s Kann and Channel 12 to interviewing the spokesman of the Israeli occupation forces after the October 2023 invasion of Gaza, Maalouf is seen actively whitewashing the Israeli regime’s genocide of Palestine.

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