Meir Weinstein

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Nemesis Meir Weinstein

Marvin (Meir) Weinstein is a Canadian Zionist agitator. He was formerly national director of the Jewish Defense League (JDL) in Canada and also leader of JDL in North America. He left the JDL in 2021 to set up a new Zionist organization.1
It is worth noting that Weinstein has served in the Israeli occupation forces.

Zion’s Street Thug

Meir Weinstein was born in an “assimilated” Jewish family in Canada but became evermore involved in Jewish supremacy and Zionism after encountering Meir Kahane’s teachings promoting overt belief in Jewish supremacy. Kahane was the main founder of Jewish Defense League, a group which is responsible for terrorist activity across several western states.
Indoctrinated by Kahane’s teachings, Weinstein chose Meir Halevi as his pseudonym and began tracking Canadian National Socialists in the 1980s. In 1995, he was caught with Irv Rubin by the Canadian police while seeking to break into the house of Holocaust revisionist, Ernst Zundel. Irv Rubin was another Zionist supremacist and JDL terrorist who committed suicide in the prison after being charged for bombing homes of anti-Israel critics.

Meir Weinstein posing next to Israeli extremist politician Moshe Feiglin and JDL UK member Roberta Moore

The Canadian branch of the JDL was inactive ever since the mid 90’s until Israel’s invasion of Lebanon in 2006. Weinstein revived the JDL’s Canada branch in order to fight what he described as growing “anti-Israel sentiment” across the country.
Weinstein also organized a group called United Israel Action Committee which was focused on organizing demonstrations outside Palestine House in Mississauga, Ontario. He and 9 other members of JDL were later accused of plotting to bomb the Palestine House. This accusation was never proved.2 He also didn’t condemn the Cave of the Patriarchs massacre committed by Kach member Baruch Goldstein. Kach was an Israeli far-right party founded by Meir Kahane. In 2011, Weinstein stated his support for the British far-right group called English Defense League and its then-leader Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (Tommy Robinson). Tommy Robinson and EDL are both deeply connected to Zionist figures who promote counter-Jihadism as a means to suppress pro-Palestine activity.3

Weinstein posing with American Zionist anti-Islam agitators Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller

Formation of “Israel Now” Group

In 2021, after an incident in which JDL members attacked a pro-Palestine Canadian citizen, Weinstein claimed that he has left the JDL and that he currently runs a new-found organization called “Israel Now”.4 The move may be an attempt to create a rebrand of the JDL, which is prohibited in the US.





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