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Meyer Habib is a Jewish jewelry tycoon born in Tunisia. He is a minister in the French parliament while also having Israeli citizenship. He studied in the Israeli university of Technion.
Habib is also a member of the French center-right Union of Democrats and Independents party.

Major Zionist mouthpiece in France

Habib criticized the French foreign ministry for using the UN-approved term “Palestinian territory” as a provocation against the Israel.1 He also campaigned for French authorities to ban BDS demonstrations in France.2 He is also known to commonly profit off terrorist attacks done by Islamic extremists against French citizens to push for his own agenda and justify France’s support for Israel’s occupation of Palestine.

Relationship with Netanyahu

Habib has a very good relationship with former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and is known to have paid for Netanyahu’s lavish trips around the world especially to France.3 He has bashed the French media for criticizing his relationship with Netanyahu.4 Netanyahu endorsed Habib during his candidacy for the French parliament.5

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