Michael Kadoorie

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Michael Kadoorie is a Zionist Jewish billionaire living in Hong Kong. He descends from a Sephardi Iraqi family. He is the chairman and shareholder of CLP Group which is one of the biggest Chinese electricity companies. CLP provides electricity to 75% of Hong Kong and Khadoorie holds a 35% stake. He also owns Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotels and Peninsula Hotel Group in Hong Kong. He has also been awarded knighthood by the queen of England.

Support for Zionist Occupation

His family has built schools and raised farms in Palestine for the illegal Zionist settlers. Heavily invested in trade, the Khadoorie family is considered as “Rothschilds of the East” alongside the notable Iraqi Jewish Sasson family.1

1: https://www.972mag.com/the-unknown-history-of-the-palestinian-school-funded-by-an-iraqi-jew/

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