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Nemesis Michael Levy

Born in a Jewish family in 1944, Lord Michael Levy is a British Labour politician and businessman. He is chairman of a number of companies in the music and finance industries.
The Jerusalem Post once described him as the de-facto leader of British Jewry.1 Levy is involved in many Jewish charity programs.

Labour’s ‘Lord Cashpoint’

Lord Levy is one of the main fundraisers of the Labour Party. He is called “Lord Cashpoint” for his critical role funding the party. He was appointed as the Labour Leader’s Office Fund in 1997. In that year alone, he managed to raise more than £12m for the party. From 1997 to 2007, he raised more than £100m for Labour.
Due to his financial hand in Labour, Michael Levy became an influential opponent of Jeremy Corbyn’s past Labour leadership.2 Corbyn regularly supported Palestinian rights and criticized Israel for its crimes against Palestinians.

Zionist Cabal mentoring Tony Blair

Levy was an intimate friend of former UK Prime Minister and Labour leader, Tony Blair. He served as one of Blair’s main fundraisers and was, in-return, appointed as Blair’s special envoy to the Middle East.3
Former British MP Tom Dalyell has described Michael Levy as one of the central Zionist cabal operatives who shaped Tony Blair’s warmongering policies towards the Middle East. Dalyell claimed that most of Blair’s foreign policy advisors were Zionist Jews such as Michael Levy, Peter Mandelson and Jack Straw (with Jewish ancestry).
Levy first met Tony Blair in 1994 at a dinner party hosted by Israeli diplomat Gideon Meir.4 Levy praised Tony Blair for his “solid and committed support of the State of Israel”.

Coordinating UK’s Zionist Lobby

Levy is a founding member of the Jewish Leadership Council (JLC). JLC is currently the umbrella Zionist organization in the UK, gathering almost all major Zionist lobby organizations in the UK.

International Ties

Levy has direct ties to Israeli politicians. His son, Daniel was also an assistant to former Israeli PM Ehud Barak and former Knesset member Yosi Beilin. Daniel Levy was also formerly Head of the Middle East Department of the European Council of Foreign Relations (ECFR) and is currently president of the Zionist US-based Middle East Project.

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