Michael Milken

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Michael Milken is an American billionaire and financier.1 He has investments in private equity, hedge funds, venture capital and more than one asset management firm. His business is focused on junk bonds. His net worth is estimated to stand at $6 billion. Milken has been ranked as the 416th richest person in the world by Forbes.
Milken was born in a Jewish family and has extensive Jewish American and Israeli contacts. Milken has contributed to the Zionist ethnostate through various donations. Despite keeping a low political profile, Milken’s notable Zionist backers and deep influence within Zionist circles establish his position within the US-based Zionist lobby.

Trump Pardon

In 1989, Milken was convicted on felony charges for violating US financial laws. His compensation fees reached $1 billion, a record figure in the US at the time. The financier was ultimately pardoned by then-US President Donald Trump in 2018. Prominent figures within Trump’s Zionist circle, including Sheldon Adelson, Rudy Giuliani and Rupert Murdoch convinced the president to pardon Milken.2

Milken with former Israeli President Shimon Peres

Funding Holocaust Propaganda

Milken has donated $10-million to the Israeli government in order to assist in the construction of the Marvin Hier-affiliated Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Museum of Tolerance in occupied Jerusalem.

Investments in Israel

Milken has also invested in Israel’s medical and technological sectors.
In 2007, Milken led a delegation in a bid to invest in Israel’s “clean technology” industry during which he met with then-Israeli President, Shimon Peres.3
The Milken Family Foundation also funds the “American Friends of The Hebrew University” that raises funds for The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. This foundation also supports Ariel University. It has also established the Milken Family Campus, encompassing teaching and research laboratories, as well as a library, main administration building and computer center.

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