Moshe Kantor

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Moshe Kantor is a Jewish Russian-Israeli businessman and Zionist philanthropist who has close ties with Vladimir Putin. He owns the Acron Group which is focused on producing mineral fertilizers. His wealth is estimated to be at US$11.4 billion.1

He has far-reaching lobby contacts that span Europe and Israel, funding Zionist indoctrination in the name of Judaism and Holocaust remembrance.

Moshe Kantor with former Israeli president Reuven Rivlin in 2021

Among Kantor’s positions, the most important are listed below:

  • President of the European Jewish Congress
  • President of the World Holocaust Forum Foundation
  • Chairman of the European Jewish Fund
  • Chairman of the World Jewish Congress Policy Council
  • Vice President of the Jewish Leadership Council, a very influential and bipartisan Zionist lobby group in the UK
  • He has founded the World Holocaust Forum and the European Jewish Fund in 2006
  • He is a Chancellor of the Council of the Holocaust museum in Israel called Yad Vashem.

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