Mudar Zahran

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Mudar Adnan Zahran is of Palestinian origin, but was born and raised in Jordan. Due to political pressure, Zahran became a political refugee in Britain where he operates as part of Jordan’s opposition. Zahran plays a leading role coordinating pro-Israel among Jordanian opposition groups. In addition to Arabic, he communicates in Hebrew and English. Zahran considers the Jordanian regime as a “supporter of Hamas” and therefore blames the Jordanian government for “killing the Israeli people”. Zahran has participated in conferences organized by radical Zionist personalities in Israel. He commonly communicates with Israelis “on behalf of the Jordanian people”, astroturfing Israeli Foreign Ministry priorities among dubious online communities.

Israel Lobby in Jordan

Zahran’s behavior shows two patterns: he opposes the Jordanian monarchy and on the other hand, supports Israel. Such an approach seeks to promote pro-Zionist tendencies among the wider Jordanian opposition, targeting specific opposition activists such as Muhammad Batibat, Abdulla Al-Mu’ala, etc. Unlike other members of the Jordanian opposition, Zahran receives more attention from the media (especially Israeli media, such as Israel Radio). One of the elusive aspects of Zahran’s activities is his unknown source of financial backing, which deserves much attention, given Zahran’s systematic support for Israel. Zahran condemns all Palestinian action against Israel under any circumstances. Despite being Jordanian, Zahran proposes the migration of Palestinians to Jordan, in line with Tel Aviv’s interests. Zahran, in an odd move for a Jordanian, opposes the Jordanian government specifically because he believes it supports the Palestinian cause.

Participation in the Conference of Zionist Extremists in Israel

Zahran has traveled to Israel. In 2017, he participated in a conference organized by radical Zionist figures.1

Zahran confirmed his presence in the Israeli conference, tweeting about the need for Jordanian rapprochement with Israel

Appeasing Zionist Influence Ops

Zahran commonly communicates with other Arabic or Hebrew-speaking influence ops, creating an Arabic & Hebrew echo chamber, astroturfing recognition of Israel through various mundane subjects, such as congratulating “Jews and Israelis” on the Jewish calendar events on behalf of the Jordanian people.

Example of Zahran congratulating Israelis on the event of the Jewish new year. The post was well-received by another dubious account named “Jews of Jordan”

Translator and Spokesman for Israeli Apologists

Zahran spreads translated Zionist material among Arab audiences, with a priority for content targeting the Jordanian government.

Example of Zahran translating a tweet from Rabbi Shmuley, an infamous American Zionist zealot


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