Nadim Daoud Koteich

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Nadim Daoud Koteich is a Lebanese Shiite journalist from the town of Ainatha, Bint Jbeil District. He is a political analyst and satirist who hosts Tonight with Nadim, a daily news and commentary show on the pan-Arab channel Sky News Arabia.

Amplified by the US-based Washington Institute for Near East policy (WINEP) and Israel’s Arabic public diplomacy team, Koteich is a proponent of Arab recognition of Israeli occupation of Palestine. For instance, in a May 20, 2022 show on MBC TV (Lebanon), he said that Lebanon must join the “Abraham Accords” and make “peace” with Israel. Among his other comments in support of the Zionist ethnostate include “The only logical path for Lebanon is to have peace with Israel. What problems do we have with Israel?… Israel is a done deal in the Middle East. I do not have a problem with it, as a country.”1

Interestingly, Koteich has been promoted by various Zionist Supremacist organizations. The Simon Wiesenthal Center, known for weaponizing history to promote Israeli interests, has described Koteich as “a voice of reason from Lebanon, where the Lebanese people continue to suffer under the yoke of Iran lackey Hezbollah as it careens towards horrific war with Israel.” StandWithUs similarly tweeted that Koteich is “an important voice sharing an important message of peace. We look forward to the day when peace between Israel and Lebanon will be actualized”.

Koteich alongside David Schenker, a Senior Fellow at The Washington Institute and director of the Program on Arab Politics.
An instance of an Israel Foreign Ministry-affiliated page sharing Koteich’s pro-Israel interview


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