Niran Bassoon

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Niran Bassoon


Niran Bassoon is an Iraqi Jewish journalist and social activist residing in Israel focused on the Iraqi Jewish community. She was born in 1958 and is the daughter of Salim Bassoon, a well-known Iraqi journalist. Her mother and father, which were part of Baghdad’s intellectual elite, left the country in 1973.

She has a working relationship with the Board of Deputies of British Jews, a Zionist communal organization described as the second oldest of its kind in the United Kingdom.

She regularly does interviews and speeches with Jewish/Zionist groups regarding Iraq, usually discussing Jewish relations with Muslims in the country. However, beyond speaking about inter-religious communication between Jews and Muslims, her work is usually presented in settings and organizations which equate Jews with Israel and Zionism.1

Nira Bassoon consequentially – knowingly or indirectly – acts as an arm for the Zionist lobby in Iraq, attempting to legitimize Israel within Iraqi intellectual circles.

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Niran Bassoon Nemesis
Bassoon speaking at an event organized by the Board of Deputies of British Jews
Niran Bassoon Nemesis
Bassoon posing next to Ghaith Al-Tamimi (first to the left). There are certain rumors about al-Tamimi in social media regarding his secret relations with an Israeli-Iraqi Mossad agent2 , with some sources specifically naming Bassoon. Al-Tamimi was a close associate of the influential anti-Israel cleric Muqtada Al-Sadr. He has recently turned against him, becoming a fervent anti-Muqtada activist.
Niran Bassoon Nemesis
Niran Bassoon speaking during an interview with the Zionist Woolf Institute.
Niran Bassoon
Bassoon taking part in a Jewish event in London.3



  1. I doubt that you will publish my reply because you don’t want people to know the truth
    Prove that I worked in the board of deputies although there is nothing wrong with that. It is the equivalent to ادارة الطائفة that was in Iraq
    Woolf institute is part of Cambridge university and not a Zionist organisation
    Ghaith Altimimi is another person I met with in UK and that include current and previous Iraqi writers, authors, poets, etc

    1. Ms.Niran
      We’re happy that you reached out – if in good faith. According to this article: (1), the Woolf organization is run by a pro-Zionist; Edward Kessler. The Woolf Institute regularly grants Zionist intellectuals with a platform – some of which have relations with the Israeli security establishment. Kessler’s own stated support for Zionist ideals is enough to discredit the Woolf Institute and its stated goal of “interfaith dialogue”.

      However, even if we neglect the Woolf Institute’s relation with Zionism (albeit liberal), how do you want to exonerate the openly Zionist Board of Deputies of British Jews and your relationship with them? In short, the people and groups that you worked with (as in at least cooperated with)- such as the Board of Deputies of British Jews – support Zionism and it’s undeniable.

      Regardless of your support of the Israeli Apartheid State (on display on your social media pages), if you reject your connection with them and condemn Zionist influence in the world, we’re proud to reflect your change of heart in our database. Nevertheless, if you insist on supporting the Israeli ethno-state, we have nothing to discuss with each other.

      Also according to our ethics policy, religion or race are not factors in listing you. It is you who insists on equating Judaism with Zionism.


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