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Ofir Ohayon is an Israel citizen which has studied in Rabin High School and graduated in university as a software engineer. He is the co-founder of the Sharaka institution and the Reservists on Duty group.

The Sharaka institute is a shadowy organization set up with the goal of normalizing relations between the Israeli occupation and certain Arab regimes. Reservists on Duty is also a non-governmental Israeli organization founded in December 2015 by Israeli reserve soldiers to work against the pro-Palestinian Boycott, Divest and Sanctions campaign.1

Ofir Ohayon Nemesis
Logo of the Reservists on Duty group

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Ofir Ohayon Nemesis Project
Ohayon (L) alongside Jonathan Elkoury, Lebanese-Israeli Christian public diplomacy activist in UAE after the signature of the 2020 Abraham Accords
Ofir Ohayon Nemesis
Ohayon alongside Lorena Khateeb (first on the right) and Amit Deri (second to the left) during a Reservists on Duty event in New York
Ofir Ohayon Nemesis Project
Ohayon alongside activists of the pro-IDF Gideon Project
Ofir Ohayon Nemesis Project
Ohayon taking part in one of Sharaka’s online meetings alongside other Arab/Israel normalization activists


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