Omar Al-Suwaidi

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Omar Al-Suwaidi was born in Abu Dhabi, UAE. He has a master’s degree in economics management from Anglia Ruskin University in the United Kingdom. He served as a commander in the UAE military from 2012 to 2020.

Member of Influential Family

He is the son of Emirati business tycoon Mohammed Khalifa bin Youssef Al-Suwaidi, which has played a pivotal role in the unification and consequent creation of the UAE and has held various senior economic and political positions since.

Muhammad Khalifa bin Youssef Al-Suwaidi is also the head of the bin Youssef Economic Group, which has an influential role in establishing relations between the UAE and foreign countries, especially the African and European governments and Russia.

Omar, Muhammad Khalifa’s son, has been the Executive Assistant in the private office of his father since 2011. For a year now, he has been the director of the Department of Private Affairs and Support for the director of the Ben Youssef Group. From 2019 until now, he has been the founder and chairman of the United Stars Group.

Supporting Zionist Occupation

In February 2021, Omar’s United Star’s Group signed the first UAE-Israel Memorandum of Understanding on Environmental Technology Cooperation with Gulf-Israel Green Ventures.

Omar is also a member of the UAE-Israel Business Council. The UIBC is the central and largest economic organization formed in the field of UAE/Israel economic relations. The council began operations immediately after the “Abraham Accords” between the two countries in August 2020. Omar is consequently part of the Israeli regime’s push to counter its growing international isolation by normalizing relations with despotic Arab regimes.

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