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Pastor Mario Bramnick is a Cuban Evangelical political and religious activist living in the US who is the president of the Latino Coalition for Israel, the biggest Hispanic pro-Israel organization in America1. Bramnick regularly holds meetings with senior US and Latin America officials in order to increase Zionist influence among Latino states and Hispanic communities in the US. He is also responsible for holding Evangelical summits in Florida to fight anti-Israel rhetoric in the US.

As a keynote speaker at UN events on issues such as “anti-Semitism” and the persecution of Christians in the Middle East, Bramnick has sought to present global support for the Apartheid Zionist regime as a solution. He has received a number of awards from the Israeli consulate in Florida for his services promoting Zionist interests.2

Bramnick also worked on the advisory board of Latinos for Trump.3 He believed that Donald Trump is “anointed by God” and expressed admiration for Trump and other Latin American presidents’ decision (such as Honduran president Juan Orlando Hernandez) to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel – a move violating international law.4

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Pastor Bramnick is honored to be a good servant to the Zionist agenda





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