Paul Singer

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Paul Singer


Paul Singer is an American billionaire hedge fund manager infamous for his support of hawkish pro-Israel initiatives. He’s one of the major funders of the neoconservative FDD think tank. Singer is also on the board of the Republican Jewish Coalition. The Paul E Singer foundation, managed by Singer, funds the Philos project, a Zionist Evangelist organization which helps Jewish students travel to Israel.

Integrating Israeli intelligentsia & military into US tech

Singer has also founded nonprofit Start-up Nation Central (SUNC), an NGO claiming it seeks to promote collaboration between Israel’s tech sector and outside investors. Singer pledged around $20 million to SUNC which is based in Tel Aviv. Singer has stated that the project started in response to the global Boycott, Divest and Sanctions (BDS) movement by promoting investment in Israel. According to Netanyahu, such projects should incorporate Israeli “military and intelligence units” with local partners and foreign partners to make it all but impossible for major corporations and foreign governments to boycott Israel and military and intelligence units.

Investigative journalist, Whitney Webb, has claimed that the SUNC is playing a key role in bringing former members of Israel’s military signal intelligence corps, Unit 8200, into managerial roles in top big tech companies, such as Microsoft, Facebook & Google. Unit 8200 is regarded as the Israeli equivalent of the US National Security Agency.1


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