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Peter Imanuelsen, active under the pseudonym of “Peter of Sweden”, is a Swedish pro-Israel and anti-Muslim right-leaning journalist and influencer based in the UK. He mostly spreads anti-Islam hysteria while strictly supporting Israel.

Doxed into Zionism

Imanuelsen previously held various views critical of Israel and Zionism. However, he turned back on his beliefs, embracing a pro-Zionist position after his identity was revealed by the Zionist “anti-fascist” front group “Hope not Hate”.1 It appears that Imanuelsen began cooperating with Zionists in order to save his career, however, with an added emphasis of bashing Muslims as enemies of Israel and Europe.
In his website, he currently asserts that he is a member of a pro-Israel lobby group called MIFF (With Israel for Peace) in Norway.2

Social Media

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Instagram @PeterSweden7
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Peter Imanuelsen stands alongside the logo of a Norway-based pro-Israel group named “With Israel for Peace”.
Imanuelsen believes that not supporting Israel is an “anti-Semitic” act.
Imanuelsen wants everyone to know he supports Israel.
Imanuelsen spreading hatred about Palestinian refugees in Norway in an effort to push Zionist talking points in regards to the European immigration debate.
Examples of Imanuelsen’s tweets before his identity was leaked by “Hope not Hate”.



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