Peter Mandelson

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Lord Peter Mandelson is a British politician and Labour Party member with Jewish ancestry. He has served as First Secretary of State, President of the Board of Trade and honorary president of the Great Britain-China Centre. He has been described as the “Prince of Darkness” due to his alleged trait of ruthlessness.1 Mandelson was Tony Blaire’s trusted advisor during the UK’s invasion of Iraq. He is currently an advisor to Labour Leader and UK Prime Minister, Keir Starmer.

“Zionist Cabal in Labour”

Mandelson, as a pro-Israel member of Labour, criticized Corbyn’s then-leadership in Labour and said “I work every single day to bring forward the end of [Corbyn’s] tenure in office.”2 Tam Dalyell, a late Scottish Labour politician claimed that former British PM Tony Blaire was surrounded by a Zionist cabal, including Peter Mandelson.3

Israeli Intelligence

Mandelson also played an important role in foundation of a global security firm called BlueVoyant Europe, headed by a former deputy commander of Israel’s Unit 8200, which operates as an equivalent to the USA’s National Security Agency (NSA).4

Relationship with Epstein Blackmailing Operation

Mandelson was one of the prominent guests of pedophile and possible Israeli intelligence blackmailing operative, Jeffery Epstein, in his infamous island resort. Images suggests that they were close friends.5






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