Rawan Osman

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Rawan Osman was born in Damascus and grew up in Lebanon. After high school, Osman returned to Syria before fleeing to France in 2011, just as foreign-instigated turmoil began in Syria. In 2018, Osman relocated to Strasbourg and began work on her debut book, “The Israelis, Friends or Foes”. Osman is a contributor to the Fikra Forum. Fikra Forum is a program of Zionist the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) meant to give on-the-ground viewpoints and analysis on the most important current developments in the Middle East. It is worth mentioning that WINEP is funded by AIPAC and serves as its think tank for Middle East affairs.
Osman is currently studying Jewish and Islamic Studies at Heidelberg University in Germany, having previously worked for the WINEP-linked PeaceComms Institute. She is fluent in Arabic, French, English, and German.

Turning Point

Rawan has sold the idea that she used to be a “Jew hater” because of the “false stereotypes in the Middle East” and the “kindness of the Jews in Europe opened her eyes and she started to study the history of Jews and Muslims”. Rawan’s dubious “life story” appears to be specifically crafted to suit the prevalent theme of a number of other recently astroturfed “Arab Muslim” influencers such as Loay Shareef. Osman is basically part of growing wall of shame of Zionist-funded darlings.
Rawan calls herself an “Arab Zionist” who loves Jewish State,1 which is not surprising since Osman works for various institutions promoting normalizing ties between Arab states and Israel. Osman is now a board member of the shady Sharaka institute, promoting Israeli Foreign Ministry initiatives in the Middle East region.

Rawan Osman in a Sharaka delegation alongside Fatema Al Harbi

Osman regularly writes for Israeli media outlets such as the Times of Israel. Osman openly defends Israel’s continuous attacks on Palestinians, easily brushing the Zionist regime’s genocide as the results of the “actions of Hamas”. To sum up, Osman is an asset for well-known Zionist propaganda operations. She regularly shows up on Israeli social media pages and produces interviews for their audiences.

Rawan Osman featured on IsraelArabic
Osman appearing on the i24 TV channel
Osman interviewing with Israeli politician and public diplomacy agent, Fleur Hasaan Naum in JNS

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1: https://www.jns.org/i-am-an-arab-zionist/

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