Robert Kraft

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Robert Kraft


Robert Kraft is an American billionaire and CEO of the Kraft group a company with assets in paper and packaging, entertainment and sports.
He and his wife started a so-called “philanthropic” program named “Passport to Israel” which helps Jewish parents send their children to Israel. Altogether, Kraft and his wife have donated more than 100 million dollars to multiple charities focusing on Israel.
In addition, he sponsored the Israel Football League and build Kraft Family Stadium in Jerusalem. Myra Kraft, Robert’s wife supported Israeli Women’s National Flag Football Team. To sum it up, Kraft family pledged around $100 million to various charities in Israel.


Kraft has sought to counter BDS in many ways. During Israel’s Genesis Prize 2019, which grants gifts to people committed to “Jewish Values”, Kraft was granted a 1-million-dollar award. Netanyahu gave a speech in his honor at the related event: “This prestigious award honors Robert’s generous life-long philanthropy, his commitment to the Jewish people, and his love for Israel. It also recognizes his principled stand against anti-Semitism and efforts by our enemies to undermine the State of Israel through BDS and other similar campaigns. Israel does not have a more loyal friend than Robert Kraft.”

Robert Kraft
Robert Kraft, center, receives the Genesis Prize at a ceremony in Jerusalem flanked by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, left, and Genesis Prize Foundation Chairman Stan Polovets, June 20, 2019.

During the Genesis event, Kraft pledged $20 million for the establishment of a foundation which seeks to combat the pro-Palestinian Boycott, Divest, Sanctions campaign.
Kraft declared: “The new foundation I am announcing tonight is a platform to galvanize the global fight against anti-Semitism…to counter the normalization of anti-Semitic narratives that question Israel’s right to exist, disguised as part of legitimate debate on campuses and in the media.1

Robert Kraft
Israeli Prime Minister’s twitter account praises Robert Kraft for fighting against BDS.


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