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Roberta Moore is a radical Jewish Brazilian Zionist agitator living in the UK and promoting anti-Islam and pro-Israel propaganda. She is a follower of Meir Kahane, a Jewish terrorist who founded the Jewish Defense League, which has been formally recognized to be a terrorist anti-Muslim organization in the US.


Moore was a former member of the extremist anti-Muslim English Defense League (EDL) wherein she led the EDL’s Jewish Division.1 After leaving the English Defense League, she founded the Jewish Defense League UK2 , and currently manages it alongside Robert De Jonge.3 Moore has been convicted of assault and having an offensive weapon.4 In 2014, Moore and De Jonge attacked two pro-Palestine activists.5 The two were sentenced to 150 hours of community service each, alongside being fined. Moore’s legal defense in the court was financed by the Jewish Task Force, a Kahanist organization based in the US.6

Islamophobia and racism

Moore believes that “Islam is not a religion, but a cult” and Palestinians are like “Nazis” for the Jews.7 In 2012, she expressed her support for Norwegian extremist Andres Behring Breivik who butchered 77 people in Norway in order to oppose the “Muslim conquest of Europe”.8

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Roberta Moore Project Nemesis
Roberta Moore with the former vice chair of the Zionist Federation Jonathan Hoffman in 2011
Roberta Moore Project Nemesis
Roberta Moore with an armed settler in Hebron, Occupied Palestine
Roberta Moore Project Nemesis
Roberta Moore with her boyfriend Robert De Jonge wearing black t-shirts with the yellow Jewish Defense League logo (2016)
Roberta Moore Project Nemesis
Roberta Moore attending a pro-Israel rally while Hillel Neuer, director of the Zionist UN Watch group, gives a speech
Roberta Moore Project Nemesis
Roberta Moore with Moshe Feiglin, an Israeli politician who called for the genocide of people living in Gaza9 and thanked God for the 2020 Beirut port explosion10. Standing behind them is Meir Weinstein, the leader of the Canadian Jewish Defense League.


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