Roger Cukierman

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Roger Cukierman is a Jewish French banker and businessman. Cukierman is Vice President of the World Jewish Congress.
His Israeli-French son has founded a private bank in France named Cukierman & Co.

A Zionist Network Hub

Cukierman was the former President of CRIF, the biggest Israeli lobby group in France equivalent to the US’ AIPAC. He formerly worked for the Edmond de Rothschild Group and served as the CEO of Israel General Bank, Israel 2000 Mutual Fund, the Director of the Association of French Bankers, Vice President of the European Jewish Congress and the Alliance Israélite Universelle.

Influencing French politics for Zion

Cuckierman frequently intervenes in France’s internal affairs in favor of Israel, frequently pushing the line that the French government is not mustering enough effort to fight “antisemitism” in France.
He has also expressed concern over the rise of nationalist forces in France, specifically stating disdain about the possibility of National Rally’s Marine Le Pen being voted as President of France.1
Cukierman has praised France’s foreign relations with Israel. However, he has claimed that France’s “lacking” fight against “anti-Semitism at home” is “incompatible” with the country’s foreign policy and support for Israel.


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