Roman Abramovich

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Roman Abramovich is a Russian-Israeli tycoon, owning major investment company Millhouse LLC, Premier League football club Chelsea FC. He also has shares in the giant steel company Evraz. Abramovich has Russian, Israeli, Portuguese and Lithuanian citizenship and is considered the richest person in Israel and eleventh in Russia.

The Financial Giant Behind Settler Occupation

Roman Abramovich’s donations have contributed much to Israeli illegal settlements in Palestine.

In 2019 alone, he donated $5 million to the Jewish Agency for Israel which funds Jewish migration to Palestine.

He has donated $100m to his Israeli settler organization, Elad which operates in East Jerusalem. Elad has a notable role in assisting settler expansion in the Palestinian territories, a clear breach of international law. Elad also funds controversial excavations in the historical sites of Jerusalem.1 The operations have been criticized as paving the way for the forced “Judaization” of East Jerusalem, evicting native Palestinian residents and replacing them with radical Zionist supremacists.


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