Ronald Perelman

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Perelman Nemesis


Ronald Perelman is an American Jewish banker and investor. He owns MacAndrews & Forbes Incorporated and the Revlon cosmetics company.

Funding Zionist Causes

Perelman is a regular donor to the Jewish Zionist cult Chabad Lubavitch.1 He also donates to the Simon Wisenthal Center, a Zionist organization using the Holocaust to promote Israel and the Zionist agenda.2

Extensive Political Reach

He is said to be a friend of Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and has assisted him gain contact with various influential people.3

Perelman donated $125,000 to Donald Trump in 2017.4 He also donated to Jeb Bush and Lindsey Graham in 2015.5

Perelman was listed among those to have visited convicted sex trafficker and possible Israeli intelligence asset Jeffery Epstein.6

The American Jewish banker is also listed in Netanyahu’s leaked 2007 potential campaign funders list, dubbed Netanyahu’s “list of millionaires”. Perelman’s name is written next to some 70 other Jewish Zionist millionaires, most of which reside outside Israel as part of Israel’s international web of lobbyists and power brokers7.








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