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Roni Kaplan is an Israeli citizen born in Uruguay who promotes the Zionist agenda among the Hispanic people. He has been in the IDF for 9 years and now serves as its Spanish spokesperson for Hispanic media. He also advises the Israeli Foreign Ministry on Latin American affairs.1

Roni Kaplan in IDF uniform

Israeli Soft Diplomacy in Latin America

The central theme in Kaplan’s activities is providing Israel with a soft diplomacy front in Latin American nations. He is the co-founder of Conexion Israel, an organization seeking to find Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs, influencers, politicians, religious leaders and etc, … which are willing to visit Israel, where they are exposed to Zionist indoctrination.

Kaplan is also a partner in the Israeli Spanish-speaking newspaper Aurora.2

Kaplan adopting common Zionist Hasbara rhetoric where any group countering the Zionist occupation is portrayed as being “against the stability of the region” and the “Hamas terrorist” boogeyman being used to justify Israel’s crimes.

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