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Sammy Eppel is an Israeli political and human rights activist focused on spreading Zionist propaganda among Venezuelan audiences.

He is the Co-chair of the Latin America group at the “Global Forum To Combat Antisemitism”. He was formerly a columnist for the Venezuelan newspaper El Universal, director of the commission of human rights of B’nai Brith (a Zionist international group) Venezuela and a trainer on Spanish Hasbara (the Israeli propaganda machine). Eppel also has good ties with Latin American Evangelical associations.

Eppel taking part in an ADL conference (an infamous Liberal Zionist thought control project)

Eppel uses the term “Government Sponsored Anti-Semitism” in order to describe the Venezuelan Socialist government’s attitude towards Israel. He abuses public dismay with the Venezuelan government – which has broken its ties with Israel – in order to promote sympathy for Israel among the Venezuelan people and to brand Zionism as an appealing symbol of dissent and an antithesis to the Venezuelan government.1

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Eppel commonly labels critics of Israel as “communists” and “anti-Semites”
Eppel claims that Israeli settlements are legal according to international law, disregarding numerous UN resolutions against the settlements


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