Saoud Saqer Bin Hamoodah

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Saoud Saqer Bin Hamoodah is a 33-year-old Emirati activist who studied mechanical and aerospace engineering at the United Arab Emirates (UAE) University. In 2014, he took part in a UAE-based “Youth Empowerment Strategy” & “National Youth Council” project for two years. Based on this “youth empowerment” background, Hamoodah later established a group called the “the Abrahamic Youth Council” as a venue for Zionist influence operations targeting young audiences in the UAE.
Hamoodah currently works as a consultant for the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the UAE.1 Publicly available information points to Hamoodah’s extensive ties with various Israeli Foreign Ministry personnel.

Cooperation with Israel-Is

Following the Abraham Accords –a normalization deal exerted by the UAE, Bahrain, the US, and Israel in 2020 – Saoud Saqer had a trip to Israel in 2021 as part of a delegation organized by “Israel-Is”. According to Eyal Biram, the Tel Aviv-based organization founder and CEO, “Israel-Is” sets to connect Israelis with Emirati, Bahraini, and Moroccan youth.2 It is worth mentioning that “Israel-Is” has a partnership with “Concert — Together for Israel” and the Israeli Ministry for Strategic Affairs and Public Diplomacy.3

A delegation of Israelis, Moroccans, Emiratis and Bahrainis gather for a photo in Israel on June 15, 2021, as part of an event held by “Israel-Is”

Founding “Abrahamic Youth Council”

Given Hamoodah’s experience in the “National Youth Council” project which brought him the “Khalifa Award for Education,” and his affiliation with Zionist “youth empowerment” scheme, “Israel-Is”, Hamoodah founded the “the Abrahamic Youth Council”, in an attempt to promote the 2020 Abraham Accords.4 The initiative is being currently run locally in the UAE. However, there is a possibility of the establishment of a US branch as some Jewish federations have expressed interest in the scheme.5

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Saoud Saqer next to Hayek Amir, the Zionist Ambassador to the UAE
Hamoodah standing alongside David Harris (R), Former CEO of the American Jewish Committee, and Nickolay Mladenov (L), Former United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process and current Director General of the “Anwar Gargash Diplomatic Academy” (AGDA), celebrating the Abraham Accords 2nd Anniversary
Hamoodah and Ohad Horsandi, Deputy Ambassador at the Embassy of Israel in Abu Dhabi, who formerly acted as Israel’s representative in the UN Political affairs, and Israel’s envoy to NATO, attending the ceremony of “Israel Independence Day”
Saoud meets Dana Filber, the Deputy Consul-General of Israel in Dubai in the F1 tournament
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Israeli soft diplomacy cadets meets social influencers such as Saoud Bin Hamoodah, Loay Alshareef and Majid Al Sarrah during the visit in the UAE

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