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Sapir Miz Levi is an Israeli digital diplomacy officer and propagandist who is the admin of the Israel in Arabic1page related to the Israel Foreign Ministry. She studied Arabic Language and Literature at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

She works under the head of the Arabic social media unit of the Israeli MFA, Yonatan Gonen, and is also a member of the Israeli digital diplomacy team.

Sapir Levi with other members of Israeli digital diplomacy team such as Rebecca Avraham and Meira Shem

Her main task is to make connections with Arabs who hold positive opinions towards the Zionist ethnostate. Using her social media accounts, Levi seeks to portray meager support for Israel among certain Arab individuals as a sign of widespread Arab acceptance of the apartheid state.

Sapir Levi with other Israeli normalization influencers Rebecca Avraham (left) and Emirati normalizattion influencer Samooy Harib (right) who studies in Israel and works for the Sharaka Institute. Behind them is Amjad Taha, another Emirati influencer.

In one instance, she asked her audience to produce images of Arab passports with the flag of Israel for her to use for propaganda purposes.

Levi’s request for images containing Arab passports and Israeli flags

She traveled to Morocco after it normalized relations with Israel and has since remained in contact with Morocco-based pro-Israel influencers.

Image of Levi and her plane ticket while traveling to Morocco

Despite having a noted presence among Israeli influence agents in the Arab world, she has not traveled to the UAE unlike more prominent Israeli agents, probably due to her junior position in the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

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Sapir Levi with Israeli influence agents Yuval Tutnauer (right) and Lorena Khatib (left)
Sapir Levi with Sharaka institute co-founder Lorena Khatib and Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid

Sapir Levi with David Govrin, the head of the Israeli Liaison Office in Rabat, Morocco

Sapir Levi in the inauguration ceremony of the Liaison Office in Rabat, Morocco

Sapir Levi with Israeli journalist Michal Divon

Sapir Levi with Lorena Khatib

Sapir Levi with Iraqi Jewish normalization influencers Linda Menuhin (second right) Smadar Alani (second left) and Moran T


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