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Sarah Idan is an Iraqi fashion model groomed to become an Israeli advocacy agent.

Born in Baghdad in 1990, she learned the English language when she was 13. After the American invasion of Iraq, she accompanied her family for a short time in Syria, after which certain sources claim she went to Israel. She returned to Iraq at the age of 18 and worked as a linguist in the American army in Iraq. After that, she immigrated to the United States and studied at the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles.

She was named as the “Beauty Queen of Iraq” in 2016 – 2017. She then took part as a representative of Iraq at the Miss Universe in 2017, only to withdraw rapidly after publishing photographs alongside the Israeli model, Adar Gandelsman, in which she endorsed the Zionist Israeli regime.

In June 2018, Idan visited Gandelsman in Jerusalem and opened up on her support for the Israeli Zionist regime.
“I don’t think Iraq and Israel are enemies. I think maybe the governments are enemies with each other, but there are a lot of Iraqi people who don’t have a problem with Israel or with the Jewish people. There are a lot of Iraqi people on my side, and I believe they are happy I am here.”

Idan heads the US-based “Humanity Forward” project. The group effectively seeks to win Arab support for Zionist occupation in the name of “bringing peace”.

Idan also participated in the ceremony in which the 2020 Abraham accords were concluded.

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